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Blazing Eye: Ways to Die October 21, 2016 00:00

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Well, Blazing Eye have a new EP and if you thought things couldn't get any better than "Lonely Corpse," well, you were wrong... this is the best Blazing Eye material yet! For me the standout is the title track, "Ways to Die." Listen to that blood-curdling scream toward the end! I can think of few moments as genuine and as thrilling on a modern punk record than that. Highest possible recommendation!

Notes: 1. The YouTube vid is ripped from an advance tape... the vinyl sounds about a million times better. 2. "Ways to Die" is the 4th and final track, but I'm sure you want to listen to all of it.

Liquids: Head Meat October 19, 2016 10:03

This whole record is just hot track after hot track.  Head Meat stands out a little more to me though because it's the mid-paced pop song of the album.  Definitely some Zeros vibes going on in this one.  This song is for all the people that spell tough TUFF.


Dangus Tarkus: Amerika October 14, 2016 00:00

I think in the monthly newsletter I wrote that this song should replace Yackity Sax as the go to song for Benny Hill-esque running in circles sequences.  I was really sick and in a fragile state of mind while writing that but still agree.  This song is just pure energy and makes life feel like the fast forward button is mashed down.  Truly the anthem of the sweet land of punks and geeks.

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Haram: Put It In Your Head October 12, 2016 00:00

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Well, it sure doesn't look like a normal Toxic State release.  Would you ever guess this band was from New York if you didn't know anything about them? I would probably guess somewhere in Eastern Europe.  Diverging ideas is a good way to describe the elements that make up this band. Seems pretty obvious the singer is not singing in English based on the Arabic style writing and song titles, but I also feel like Haram doesn't neatly fit neatly into "pogo" or "raw punk" like one might expect.  Sticking with the theme of divergence, this particular track has moments where the guitar and bass take off in completely different directions.  There's a lot to listen for, whether it's the melodic, chorus-drenched guitar lines or the frantic, but interesting drum fills.  This song ends by breaking into a slow part where the guitar plays a dissonant chord pattern, but the bass plays this groovy, almost dub style rhythm underneath.  Kinda crazy, but atypical from what you might expect, which is refreshing.

Drugcharge: Death of Nicole October 10, 2016 00:00

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That biting, punchy, all down-picked bass starts pulsing, and before you know it, the toms start thudding and a low-bellowed groan creeps in beneath just before this rager takes off.  Drugcharge always manages to sneak in a dancey, pogo-tempo song or two amongst their speed-fueled numbers or pit-clearing stompers.  And sometimes, a claustrophobic, deceptively simple riff is so good that you just want to hear it over and over again.  There is also a pummeling half-time part that comes in unexpectedly and is sort of this off-kilter, strange rhythm just before launching back into the "money riff."

Still, the foundation of "Death of Nicole" is one killer riff, that to me brings to mind the catchier, fist-pumping moments of Confuse, particularly songs like Fight Against The Plutocrats.    Lyrically, I think this also one of the more personal songs that Drugcharge has, making the intention of the song much more powerful.

The Fall: Leave the Capitol October 07, 2016 00:00

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When push comes to shove, I generally name the Fall as my favorite band. Choosing a favorite Fall record is a more difficult task, but one of my go-to answers is the Slates 10", which was recently reissued by Superior Viaduct (only the Fall would be obnoxious enough to make possibly their best record a fucking ten-inch). Even though it's only a 6-song EP, it still has much of what makes this greatest era of the Fall so great, from the brood of "Middle Mass" to the bash and crash of "Prole Art Threat" to the amphetamine-fed rockabilly of "Fit and Working Again," but "Leave the Capitol" is something of an aberration for the Fall, a rare sprig of gentleness growing among the usual weeds of aggression and alienation. These sweeter, gentler moments of the Fall don't come around very often, so when they do I tend to savor them, and "Leave the Capitol" may be the best one they ever recorded.

Dow Jones & The Industrials: Remember Your Manners October 03, 2016 00:00

Man usually when releases boast "unreleased" material what you get is a half hashed out song or a barely audible recording of a song that obviously just wasn't good enough to release. This song is none of that. Killer new wave that is probably the catchiest thing to have hit my ears in a while. HOW WAS THIS NEVER RELEASED! This is Dow Jones & The Industrials perfecting the pop of Can't Stand The Midwest with a little bit of polish on it to make it all shiny and big.

Ausmuteants: Spankwire September 30, 2016 00:00

Ausmuteants have a new LP!   Man every song is a Hot Track on this one, but the one that stood out the most for me is Spankwire (obviously the most punk one).  It really reminds me of the Shitty Limits earlier 7"s, super frantic and fast with a similar biting wit. 

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Vanity: As Expected September 28, 2016 00:00

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When sitting down and trying to absorb this new Vanity record, it was difficult to pin down one "Hot Track" because there's so much material to discuss on this record.  How fitting that the song I chose is entitled "As Expected," because this song does not represent the genre-bending, bold new territory that the rest of Don't Be Shy boasts. As soon as I heard that opening guitar though it stood out, and I found myself coming back to this track.  This being the second track on the album, it's almost like after hearing a taste of their new direction, they just had to give up a song that kicks in with this energy that's so immediate and catchy.

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to gravitate toward songs on records that are inexplicably satisfying and memorable to my songwriting taste buds.  Unlike other interesting moments on the record, there's no acoustic guitars, no brit-pop sensibility, but I would still describe this as a departure from Vanity's first couple releases.  There's no real Oi! to be heard here. Rather, this almost comes across like a forgotten gem from a 70s power-pop B-side.  

Nots: Inherently Low September 26, 2016 00:00

Nots have been on everyone's hype radar for a while now and it's been well deserved. With their second LP Cosmetic I feel like they have fully realized their sound. Inherently Low seems to bring all of the parts together the best.  The synth and guitar match up so well while the bass and drums act as the glue holding it all together.  The vocals give the song plenty of room to breathe, hopping in and out and letting the guitar do most of the talking in a way.  Everything on this recording comes out super clear and sounds so good.

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Race Car: 911! Dang Wolf September 23, 2016 00:00

Man those drums.  Coolest sounding drum machine when matched with the choppy guitar and bass make this song feel super bouncy.  Definitely a song for the Pogo-Punx.  If you're into all the stuff from the midwest then you'll love this.  If we're still around in 2040 this will be on every KBD equivalent compilation.

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Marbled Eye: Numb September 21, 2016 00:00

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Without meaning to sound patronizing, as the gorgeously clean guitar arpeggio introduces "Numb," you kind of wonder to yourself, "Is this gonna go anywhere?" I've heard a lot of people describe Oakland's Marbled Eye as a post-punk band, which I could understand because of the lack of bombast and the low-pitch droll of the vocals. 

With this track in particular, I get some Neu!-esque krautrock sounds from Marbled Eye too, with that constant backbeat and layers of guitars creating a dazing, circular simplicity.  While this track seems to have a typical pop structure, two-thirds in it breaks into this seemingly plodding guitar riff.  What I love is during your envelopment within this minimalistic daze, the most subtle developments underneath the guitar have the greatest impact, making the repetitiveness seem purposeful and gratifying.

Whipping Post: Open Your Eyes September 19, 2016 00:00

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First release from this UK band.  Whipping Post shares members with Mob Rules and Perspex Flesh, and when you consider those bands when listening to the opening track "Open Your Eyes," it definitely sounds like an amalgam of the two: the exaggerated, "lean-into-it" Bl'ast style drumming mixed with a thick layer of chaotic, noisy guitar and raspy, pissed vocals.  Killer.

Leather Towel: Natural Disasters September 16, 2016 00:00

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I've really been stuck on this Leather Towel LP lately. Featuring the singer from Ausmuteants, it actually reminds me of the visceral punk of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, but spiked with a liberal dose of American hardcore. The band's mid-paced punk songs and blistering hardcore songs are, miraculously, equally catchy, but "Natural Disasters," the closing track on the LP, is something really special, with that wacky yet infectious twin guitar lead at the end serving as the cherry on top of the delicious sundae that is the rest of the album. 

Konvoi: Origin September 14, 2016 00:00

Ohh, that opening riff; so lackadaisical, so inviting. It’s like the date that greets you at the door with a cigarette in hand, then invites you in without a word — much less a glance. The track starts with a warm, wavering unease, then breaks to jittery nervousness that dances over cold, mechanical drums and a lingering bass line. Their singer builds from stoic to sassy to unhinged, then disturbingly walks back like nothing happened. If you need band context, think post-punk given a throttling by early Killing Joke, and it takes place in Boone, North Carolina. After the dust settles, that opening riff returns, and you slip out the back with hardly a goodbye.

Warthog: Coward September 12, 2016 00:00

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Anticipating the release of Warthog's new eponymous 3rd 7", I feel like the opening track "Culture?" has probably been played to death -- and rightfully so.  But out of the 4 devastating tracks on this EP, I thought I'd focus on the closing track and longest cut on the record.  "Coward" starts at a trudging pace.  There's a quiet break just preceding a slow dirge of a riff just before they kick into this stomper.  

This song is like a perfect and disturbing hardcore sandwich. The start and finish of the song bookend a fast part in the middle that erupts into a cacophony of multiple noisy guitar leads.  The singer snarls, "It's easier to sleep at night when there's no one left to care for!" -- just before slamming back into the mosh.  

Primetime: Dumbhead September 09, 2016 00:00

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Recording a cover can be cool and a great idea, but it can also be really lame and unneeded.  This song is the former by far.  It's a song that fits Primetime's sound but they also make it their own.  The original is from 1963 by Ginny Arnell, and before hearing this I was not too familiar with the song. But yeah I mean the true highlight is the lyric "I must have a penis for a brain".  The whole comp rules though as was previously stated.

Useless Eaters: Walls September 07, 2016 00:00

(full album stream from Impose magazine)

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I keep getting the opening synth line to this song stuck in my head.  It's super catchy and really builds the base of the song.  With very sparse vocals and simple repetitive guitar it makes the synth line seem even more like the focus of the song. Killer stuff.  Impose is streaming the whole album at the moment on their site

Mirror: Varicose September 05, 2016 00:00

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Flanger overload!  This whole record is amazing and rips but man that break is so killer along with the following insanity in this song, making it one of my favorite.  Everything feels like it's falling apart into chaos.  Lots of bands try to do it but rarely nail it like this.

The Wad: Atomic September 02, 2016 00:00

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I've been a fan of sax in punk records for a long time.  Me and Daniel have talked many times about how some shitty sax playing on a punk record can make it memorable.  While there is sax on this song the real highlight on it is the bells/xylophone/whatever it is.  Hopefully having this on punk records becomes a thing.  It's really what sold me on the Brando's Island record and it gives this song an interesting light hearted feel.

Good Throb: Scum August 31, 2016 00:00


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It's probably been very obvious over the years that everyone here at SSR is a huge Good Throb fan.  While the song The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock has a tantalizing name and is a killer song, more in the vein of the LP's angular bass driven sound, the song Scum has been my go to on this 7".  The drum work is straight up Penny Rimbaud snare work mixed with one-two beats that really carry the song and add great dynamics of intensity.  Definitely the more straight up banger on the 7" but I find myself listening to it a couple times before finishing the rest of the record.  

TV Crime: Hooligans August 29, 2016 00:00

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One of the big debates around the store lately is whether the a-side or the b-side of this blistering single from TV Crime is better. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter because this single is an embarrassment of riches, but all the same I'll weigh in on the side of the a-side, with its slightly knottier, and in my opinion more memorable, lead guitar line. Like I said, though, declaring a victor here is splitting hairs... if you're into Good Vibrations Records-style power pop both of these songs are essential.

Fried Egg: Eggshells August 26, 2016 00:00

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It's not easy to choose my favorite track from Fried Egg's new EP, Delirium, but if I had to pick I guess I'll choose "Eggshells," if only because it's longer and, therefore, there's more of it. This is also the slow burner on the record, and I think it always sticks out when a blistering fast hardcore can write a real fist-pumping mid-paced track. Great songs, great performance, great production, great packaging... an absolutely essential EP.

Guitar Wolf: Jet Reason August 24, 2016 00:00

Jet Reason - Guitar Wolf
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Ummm... did Guitar Wolf recently stumble into a Zyanose show or something? The other day Seth put on the new Guitar Wolf album, T-Rex from a Tiny Space, and the opening track, "Jet Reason," absolutely floored me. It's one of the noisiest, most chaotic, visceral, and thrilling songs I've heard, and it shows that you don't need a million studs on your jacket to create a truly wild noise. Looking for a streaming link to make this post, I was surprised to find that the band actually went to the trouble of making a really cool video for this, the noisiest, nastiest, and wildest track on the album. After this track, T-Rex from a Tiny Space largely settles into more familiar Guitar Wolf territory, but man, this track!

Oh, and after listening to this for like the fifth time in a row I just noticed that the song's main riff is pretty much just "Filler" by Minor Threat. No wonder I like it so much.