Housewives: 62426


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Housewives don't strike me as a particularly strong candidate for a Hot Track Alert because this 12" EP works so well taken as an entire statement, but since this is quickly becoming one of my favorite records in recent memory I decided I would rather pull out a track for emphasis so that it's featured here. I chose the closing track, "62426," for no particular reason. I suppose that it's a pretty good indication of what you're getting into with the rest of the EP, though all of the songs are super different from one another. However, it does display two of my favorite aspects of Housewives' sound on this EP: the strange, left-of-center rhythms and the interesting variation in noisy sonic textures. I suppose "62426" is Housewives at their most Swans-esque, and while I've never been a huge Swans fan I can't seem to get enough of this record. 

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