Nurse: Foreign Object

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Wow, what an opening track!  I mean it in the nicest possible way when I say that Atlanta's Nurse have evolved from the noisy pogo punk style band that started out.  On this new EP, they've created a sound with just as much snarl and rage, but with leaner, more complex songs and interesting contradictions in the guitar work.  I can't tell if this is a product of faction between the current members of the band, but the result is intriguing.  "Foreign Object" makes strong use of weaving between a simple but effective riff and a creepy single-note melody.  The song feels chaotic and claustrophobic, careening into a lot of unexpected turns, -- instruments dropping out, tempo changes, etc. -- but the structure still comes across as intentional and memorable.  When looking for something left-of-center, this is what I want out of my weirdo hardcore.  

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