Pisse: Fahradsattel

Pisse are nice enough to provide lyrics translated into English in the liner notes.  Those have not brought me any closer to understanding what this song is about.  All I know is that synth line gives me chills in a good way every time it comes in.  Mixing vocals very reminiscent of Dean Dirg (the delivery is very similar, trust me it's not just because it's in German) with synth parts that remind me of Juanita Y Los Feos, in a way of being super melodic and catchy with a hint of spooky, make this feel frantic yet dark.  It's like being manic and depressed simultaneously. Who knew a song about bike seats could contain so much feeling. Definitely for all of the weirdos who still like a catchy tune. Definitely will be jamming this one for a while.

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