Natterers: And No Birds Sing

I missed when Natterers demo originally came out and even when we got in the flexi version it wasn't on my radar yet.  I feel bad thinking I could have been . I love the punchiness of the whole thing.  This doesn't sound like a band just getting their feet wet and trying to figure out their sound.  Natterers feel like a well worn machine of destruction, ready to plow through all the bullshit. And No Birds Sing starts out at 100%, no count in, no time to prepare for the intensity about to hit.  This song has somewhat of a west coast punk kind of feel, especially with the tasty little solo part, but turned up to 11. I really love how perfect the mix is on this demo too, everything seems to sit perfect.  I am pretty much done writing this and have listened to this song like 5 more times because it is so good.  If this is where Natterers are starting then I'm super excited to hear what's next.


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