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Rashōmon: 死体症候群(Corpse Syndrome)

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"Corpse Syndrome" is perhaps the black sheep among the other ragers on the new cassette from DC's Rashomon.  Deviating away from the fist-pumping d-beat stylings of the other tracks, this song is a slower number with the drums pulsing underneath the focal point of the song, which is heavy reliance on groovy, single-note guitar lines.  The guitars don't come across as particularly shred-ish or indulgent, but they do stand out as carrying the song.  But still, the guitars are toppled by the Gauze-esque ranting vocals, all of which are sang in Japanese.  And just when you would think the track is drawing to its close, it's almost as if the band decided they couldn't stray away for too long as they launch into a raging fast conclusion, literally within the last 5 seconds of the song.

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