Exit Order: Still Water

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There now seems to be a necessary undertaking when hardcore bands make the move from the 7" format to a full-length 12" to create some slower tunes to fill up the space.  After the full-bore, mostly up-tempo assault on their 8-song EP, "Still Water" is a noticeable change of pace from Boston's Exit Order.  The song starts at a crawl and builds momentum to a stomp, just before bursting into musical territory most Exit Order fans are more familiar with. This track not only introduces a variation of speed, but also a new melodic sensibility, particularly in the vocals, that foreshadow other tracks on the LP that seem to draw from a more goth/peace-punk influence.  While we could be comfortable with another batch well-written, riff-oriented pogo punk numbers, it's nice to hear Exit Order taking their sound to different places.

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