Trümmerfrauen: Kaputt

While y'all were grabbing those SS lps like they were free money (I mean it kind of is) this one flew under a couple of radars.  People will probably be quick to compare this to Kleenex or The Raincoats which I think sells this short.  While there are similarities this definitely stands on it's own merits without the "FFO" tagline.  The guitars have this KBD out of tune quality to them that I kind of love.  It makes everything feel just slightly off, especially in the intro of this song.  Mix this feeling of discomfort with some of the most venom filled vocals this side of Good Throb and you have a lovely minute and a half of KBD poison.  The simplicity (especially the punchy bass lines) makes this song get stuck in my head on the regular. To quote the Fed Ex driver who came in while I was listening to this song "I would kill myself if I had to listen to this all day".  Truly part of the soundtrack for the trü freaks. 

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