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Obstruction: Pressure Breaks

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Sometimes, I want my punk to be complex or challenging, and maybe take some effort to dig in and get into.  On the other hand, you have bands like Obstruction, where only 10 seconds in and I know I like it, no questions asked.  "Pressure Breaks", the opening track, just has everything going for it.  It begins with a dance-y, mid-paced intro that has a total rock-out attitude, but not too over the top.  Upon first listen, I thought this band was going to sound like Judas Priest or something, but everything starts to ramp up in intensity. The bass shreds some hi-notes as the drums slowly increase in tempo just before launching into a total assault.  The rhythm is obviously d-beat inspired, but doesn't bring to mind the crusty end of the spectrum.  The vocals in particular give the band a more classic US hardcore feel.  Much like some of their motörcharged Texan peers (Impalers for example), the songwriting is just strong, riding each riff for the right amount of time and just delivering it with so much power and intensity.  Teeth-gritting, fist-clenching, to the point.  Can't wait to see what comes next from this band.

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