Kaleidoscope: Cloud Control I

WARNING: Forgive the animal metaphors.  The burst of energy at the beginning of this track is slightly misleading.  Where the main riff of the song starts as a gallop, our proverbial horse takes a left turn for a sudden drop-out where the bass slows the gallop to more of a slither.  The cycle of "Cloud Control I" is somewhat orbital, like a snake chasing its tail and adding subtle yet powerful variations in the guitar along the way.  There are sudden breaks in the tension filled by samples of transistor radio static, almost to flicker away from whatever strange imagery is being conjured lyrically and musically.  The lyrics describe a unique environment, and for some reason the pace and atmosphere of the music brings to mind the landscapes from disturbing vintage cartoons like Fantastic Planet.  My own imagination aside, while snakes wouldn't be able to do so, the groove of this song will have you shaking those shoulders.

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