Hello and welcome to another edition of the Sorry State Records newsletter! Last week, I mentioned Scarecrow was heading up to Virginia for our first post-pandemic shows, and they were a blast! Greenough and the crew from Not for the Weak! records put on the Norfolk gig and it was awesome… they’ve built something awesome with their space, and if you get the chance to attend or play a show there, you should do it. The Richmond gig was also a blast, and while the weather stressed out Patrick from 11pm Records, who booked the gig, we made it work. A fierce storm hit right when the outdoor gig was set to start, and when the rain let off for a minute, Scarecrow quickly set up our gear and played our set. Then the rain ended up holding off long enough for the other bands to play too, and since the show ended early and Lethal Means had to cancel because their singer got into a car accident on the way to the gig, Scarecrow busted out a second (and much sloppier) set of cover songs. I’d been feeling a little down in the dumps for the past few weeks, but getting out of town to hang with friends and see and play very loud music re-energized me. If you need a similar jolt, keep reading because we have another exemplary batch of new releases for you to check out this week.

"The songwriting on To the Ends of the Earth is just perfect. The band builds their songs around chunky riffs with lots of palm muting, but what really makes the songs take off is how they come together and build from part to part." Read more about it...

Hey west coast, Hüstler is coming your way! Check the image for the dates, which they’ll be playing with fellow New Yorkers Blu Anxxiety. I hear Hüstler might make some new copies of their out of print cassette on Sorry State for the tour. We’ll also have word soon on Hüstler’s debut vinyl on Sorry State!

Our homies at the Life During Wartime radio show on Portland’s KBOO had Usman as a guest this week! They discussed the new Scarecrow tape and the new Fatal cassette on his and Jeff’s label, Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes. Click here to listen to the interview, and be sure to check out Life During Wartime every other week to hear a ton of great new and old hardcore punk.

We ran out for a couple of months, but Torso’s classic first album, Sono Pronto A Morire, is back in stock! We’ve repressed the record in beautiful blue vinyl. I also just read that Torso’s most recent EP on Revelation Records got a fresh repress, so we’ll try to bring in some copies of that as well.

My pick from Sorry State’s Discogs listings this week is Chubby & the Gang’s first album, Speed Kills. We’ve been listing a bunch of stock on our Discogs page and it surprised us to discover this record has become quite hard to find. With a new Chubby album due out soon, consider jumping on this opportunity to grab their debut.

Remember, you can always combine your order from Sorry State’s Discogs site with your order from our webstore and save on shipping!

This is the first edition of Hardcore Knockouts where I think y’all just fucked up. I mean, I love the Middle Class, but we’re talking about the Dils’ Dangerhouse single here. “Class War” and “Mr. Big?” Fuck, does punk get any better than that? As always, though, I’m glad to hold both bad boys in my collection because I have plenty of love and listens to spare for both.

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ESSENTIAL Doom reissues hit the store this week!

Check out this limited red colorway of the new Chain Cult 7".

The new Taqbir sold out quick last time, don't sleep!

Some new Australian post-punk for ya!

And some hardcore punky from Pittsburg for your cassette player.

Some new reading material featuring some Sorry State favorites.