Hello and welcome to another edition of the Sorry State Records newsletter! This week’s newsletter will hit your inbox a little later in the evening if you’re in the US, or closer to morning if you’re in Europe… Australians and our Asian friends will be getting hungry for lunch. Rachel is on vacation this week, and usually I hand off the newsletter text to her to compile the email and various web pages where this content appears, but today that duty is all mine. Of course I have this extra work on a day when it feels like I’m extra busy. I’m trying to clear my desk because I’m jumping in the van with Public Acid this weekend as they play in New York and Philadelphia. I’m excited, but if I’m going to leave town with a clear conscience, I need to burn the midnight oil tonight. If you are going to be at either of the P.A. gigs this weekend, though, come say hi! I’ll be the one who is older and less cool than the rest of the entourage.

On the record front, this is a big week. That Mujeres Podridas LP… fuck! As I write in my description, this thing floored me. Everyone seems to be talking about it, and it looks like it’s going to be one of those records that sells out quickly. If you don’t want to wait for the repress, get your order in right away. Check the rippers in the Featured Releases section as well, because Mujeres Podridas is far from the only group worthy of taking up space on your record shelf this week.

"I already love classic Southern California punk and contemporary Texas DIY punk so it’s unsurprising that this is right up my alley, but even if you don’t share those connections, Muerte En Paraiso is a killer punk record, one of 2021’s essential pickups." Read more about it...

Zorn has come gigs coming up in September. If you’re in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Philadelphia, go see them, but even if you aren’t, you need to check out the sick little promo video they put together for the gigs.

I just got word from the pressing plant that Sorry State’s next two releases, the new Scalple LP and the debut 7” from Brazil’s Lasso, should be done soon! We announced these back in the spring, but they’re only now nearing the finish line. We won’t start pre-orders until we’re very close to having the releases in hand, but keep an eye on our social media accounts and this newsletter to learn more about these records over the next few weeks.

Hey west coast, Hüstler is coming your way! Check the image for the dates, which they’ll be playing with fellow New Yorkers Blu Anxxiety. I hear Hüstler might make some new copies of their out of print cassette on Sorry State for the tour. We’ll also have word soon on Hüstler’s debut vinyl on Sorry State!

Our homies at the Life During Wartime radio show on Portland’s KBOO had Usman as a guest this week! They discussed the new Scarecrow tape and the new Fatal cassette on his and Jeff’s label, Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes. Click here to listen to the interview, and be sure to check out Life During Wartime every other week to hear a ton of great new and old hardcore punk.

My pick from Sorry State’s Discogs listings this week is this yellow vinyl copy of No Bullshit Vol. 3. All 4 volumes of No Bullshit are essential, but this one is special because it features several bands that were close to my heart. We have loads of killer, cheap punk 7”s like this on our Discogs page, so check it out!

Remember, you can always combine your order from Sorry State’s Discogs site with your order from our webstore and save on shipping!

This week’s HC Knockouts is another squeaker. My go-to Broken Bones record has always been Bonecrusher, so I would have gone with English Dogs here, particularly since I’ve been burning up that reissue of To the Ends of the Earth. Looks like I’m in the minority though!

Also, HC Knockouts wasn’t the only poll this week! In honor of Jeff’s birthday, Usman asked the public this highly debatable question. Well, the official results are in! You all confirmed yes, “Of course” Jeff is a btch. Sorry Jeff, there will not be any re-counts.

Cast your vote in the next edition of Hardcore Knockouts on our Instagram stories next Tuesday!

I was gonna skip this section this week, but the big news is that Sorry State has the last copies of the Fatal cassette on Bunker Punks Discs and Tapes! Fatal is 1/2 of Scarecrow (the half that is Usman and Jeff) along with Kevin, the original singer for Out Cold. Rather than Scarecrow’s Scandi-influenced hardcore, Fatal has more of a pure USHC sound, but just as inventive and hard-hitting. 100% essential.