Warthog: Coward

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Anticipating the release of Warthog's new eponymous 3rd 7", I feel like the opening track "Culture?" has probably been played to death -- and rightfully so.  But out of the 4 devastating tracks on this EP, I thought I'd focus on the closing track and longest cut on the record.  "Coward" starts at a trudging pace.  There's a quiet break just preceding a slow dirge of a riff just before they kick into this stomper.  

This song is like a perfect and disturbing hardcore sandwich. The start and finish of the song bookend a fast part in the middle that erupts into a cacophony of multiple noisy guitar leads.  The singer snarls, "It's easier to sleep at night when there's no one left to care for!" -- just before slamming back into the mosh.  

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