Warm Bodies: My Face Fell Off

I have been in love with everything Warm Bodies related as of late.  Their demo (or domo) started it all off though.  I've had a copy of the cassette upstairs in my "office"/giant room of clutter for a while and it gets played constantly.  Sadly the quality of it isn't the best and usually I'm working on something when I get a chance to listen to it.  So it's super exciting to have this on vinyl and sounding super clear and loud.  My Face Fell Off is the weird ripper.  The lyrics are definitely a thing of their own.  I don't even know where to begin with those.  I mean I guess if I was going to throw away a body part on purspose I would start with my nose.  But yeah this is a certified rager in the current Mid-western variety.  Super tight drums and bass with super loose vocals and guitar.  The whole band is a driving force while you are being pleaded for help to find the singer's eye and nose (which was willfully thrown away).  

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