SBF: Burn Both Ends

I used to hate drum machines.  I never understood the need for them.  Maybe this came from being a drummer and obviously never having trouble finding a drummer for a band.  With age I have come to really love the sound and feeling of drum machines, it really can add something different to a song.  Drums are also super expensive and break constantly so for real a drum machine is a much more cost efficient route and it also won't get too drunk to play before your set and won't skip out on band practice because it's not feeling good or hurt your feelings by telling you it doesn't like the song you wrote.  I really enjoyed the Racecar cassette we had last year and liked UV-B stuff i've heard and SBF is the best of both worlds.  Burn Both Ends is definitely the Ramones, only downpicking "ballad?" of this 7".  It kind of reminds me of the song Vaccuum Rebuilder off of the Janitor Scum LP, the kind of slower poppier finisher to the whole thing.  This definitely has more of the 70s punk vibe to it though, kind of like The Boys  (for some reason First Time by The Boys keeps popping in my head after listening to this song).  But yeah the whole 7" rips and this is the perfect close to it (even though I hate a fadeout).  

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