Rata Negra: Aguas Negras

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"Aguas Negras," the closing track of Side A, is a single banger among many on this debut LP from Rata Negra.  If I understand correctly, this band is comprised of people from both La Urss and Juanita Y Los Feos.  Upon hearing this record, that combination is immediately familiar because the rocked-out edge from La Urss comes through, and then is coupled with the unmistakable vocal signature of Violeta from Juanita Y Los Feos.  Rata Negra rides that line of shameless melodicism in their brand of punk without crossing into the dreaded vibes of  pop-punk territory.  This record is chock full 'o catchy numbers, and "Aguas Negras" just happens to be the most infectious of the bunch, and stands out as a nice melodic moment both in terms of the vocals and opening guitar line.  Though upbeat, there is also this eerie melancholy feeling brought on by distant echoing backing vocals.  Plus, you get the most bang-for-your-buck in terms of squeezing in syllables.

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