PMS 84: Guillotine

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I would definitely say this qualifies as the "stomper" on this new EP from PMS 84. They don't seem to shy away from the UK82 comparisons, and this track in particular sounds like it could've been on a Riot City single by Mayhem or something by Black Easter. With their new vocalist, I swear the whole vibe of the band is more tough, and this song is hard as nails with the words barked anthemically.   What stands out more than anything is the constantly moving bass lines, which are up front and punchy in the mix.  There's a great moment where everything drops out and the bass rides on this ascending riff, and everything just keeps building while the bass hits melodic high notes. The build comes to a climax and breaks into solo bass playing the main riff just before punching back into the intro.  Perfect.

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