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Midnite Snaxxx: Why Do I?

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At a quick glimpse, the bright, cartoony aesthetic that brings to mind 90s pop punk might have been a turn-off for me.  Still, there's really just an upbeat ray of positivity emanating from this LP.  And sometimes, me liking a band just comes down to good songs, and when I heard "Why Do I?" it stood out amongst the other tracks coated with saccharine as having a more bitter flavor.  This song might induce a slow shimmy rather than energetic hopping up and down, but the melody has an addicting 70s power-pop vibe -- almost like "Why Do I?" could be mistaken for a more sullen moment on a Holly and The Italians record.  It's not a sad song exactly, but it's got this subtle sense of longing.  I'm also sucker for a call-and-response vocal part: Q: "Not this time." A: "No, not this time."  

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