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Marbled Eye: Numb

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Without meaning to sound patronizing, as the gorgeously clean guitar arpeggio introduces "Numb," you kind of wonder to yourself, "Is this gonna go anywhere?" I've heard a lot of people describe Oakland's Marbled Eye as a post-punk band, which I could understand because of the lack of bombast and the low-pitch droll of the vocals. 

With this track in particular, I get some Neu!-esque krautrock sounds from Marbled Eye too, with that constant backbeat and layers of guitars creating a dazing, circular simplicity.  While this track seems to have a typical pop structure, two-thirds in it breaks into this seemingly plodding guitar riff.  What I love is during your envelopment within this minimalistic daze, the most subtle developments underneath the guitar have the greatest impact, making the repetitiveness seem purposeful and gratifying.

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