Dangus Tarkus: You Are My Friend

I personally can't get enough of Joe Sussman. Luckily we have Nancy and Dangus Tarkus to provide us with high energy rock in a time when we need it most.  It feels a little weird to pick a cover for one of these but Dangus Tarkus makes this their song.  The original is by Pantherman from Holland and is a very Bowie-esque glam rocker with a little disco feel to it.  I highly suggest at least googling Pantherman because his costume is great.  Sadly there's no live videos to confirm if he wore that while performing (it would be a shame if he didn't).  The DT's turn it into a tough rocker that really shines at the chorus.  Sussman's voice is almost melancholy when he sings it.  It feels super heartfelt and honest in a way.  It makes me feel things about friendship and what not.  I could totally see this song playing over the ending credits of an 80s coming of age/summer friendship movie.

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