Concealed Blade: Bought And Sold

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So this time around, while you can still expect the tough, pit-clearing parts and wild, avant-garde divebombs from Concealed Blade, there's still this element of being unashamed of your love for hard rock on this record.  Between the nod to Kiss at the beginning of track 1 and the Quiet Riot-esque drum intro on this track, this record doesn't simply make my mind jump to think just a typical tough hardcore record.  "Bought And Sold" is one of the slower songs on the record, and while it's a "hard" jam no question, it's also kind of the sing-along, fist-pumping rock anthem of the record.  The middle section has this dissonant guitar break and then what follows alludes to a proper guitar solo!  I don't know if people will read this and think I'm crazy, but I think YINZ all need to embrace some rockin' in your hardcore every once in a while.

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