Zero: 2014 Demo cassette



Demo tape from this new band out of Minneapolis with a very Japanese hardcore-influenced sound. Nowadays most bands who rep their Japanese hardcore influences tend to go for either a Swankys / Confuse-derived noise punk sound or Disclose-derived Discharge worship, but Zero sound like straight up burning spirits-style Japanese hardcore. The production is a little bit on the raw side, but still heavy and powerful, and the band really nail pretty much every aspect of the style. This sounds quite a bit like early Death Side in that it has that powerful, Motorhead-esque tempo, anthemic choruses, and a little bit of blazing guitar. This sound isn't quite as fashionable as it was a few years ago, but if you're still listening to records by Selfish, Death Side, and the like I'd highly encourage you to check this out.

Tags: 10s burning spirits crust D-beat midwest