YDI: A Place In The Sun 7"

Southern Lord Records


Southern Lord continue their recent trend of taking classic 80s USHC records and reworking the artwork so they look like stoner rock records, but hey, the music is still the same and at least it's not as embarrassing as the reissue of the Negative Approach 7". YDI's EP is one of the few great hardcore records to come out of the surprisingly (given its size) poorly-documented Philadelphia hardcore scene, and it's a mean and nasty little slice of USHC. The recording is super raw, the music is a bit sloppy, but this thing just drips with anger. It doesn't have the catchy punk quality of a lot of top-tier USHC, and both the metallic recording quality and the burly vocals (to me at least) have always seemed kind of similar to late 80s NYC bands like Breakdown. If you're an 80s hardcore head you know and love this record already, but if pure USHC like Koro and Mecht Mensch and you haven't given this a chance I'd highly encourage you to get on board.

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