X-Pulsion / Streets: Split 7"

No Good Records

$4.00 $6.00

Another reissue of a rare 70s Belgian punk single on No Good Records, and once again I think this is well worth your time. While this is a split single, the real attraction here is X-Pulsion. They only give us two tracks, but it's crazy how they manage to cram a real musical journey into only one side of a single. The first track is a great amped-up power-pop track along the lines of the early Buzzcocks singles, and while the second song starts as a big, Sex Pistols-esque riff driven monster it speeds up toward the end to become blisteringly fast proto-hardcore. Wrap it all up in that great, warm 70s production and you have quite the little single. On the flip Streets deliver a reggae song in French, and while I don't mind it it's not like I'd be searching down the vinyl version, you know? So while you'll definitely get more wear on the X-Pulsion side, even with only half a record this is still worth having.

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