Wormeaters: Wardeath 7"

Sorry State Records

$1.00 $5.00

New Jersey's Wormeaters return with their 3rd EP, but it's their first for Sorry State and their first with a new vocalist. The hate just seethes from the grooves on this record... it's as if the band is treating their guitar strings and vocal chords as if they were the jugular veins of their bitterest enemies. Unlike a lot of one-trick ponies out there, Wormeaters retain this level of near-blinding rage through both fast tracks like "Spray" and mid-paced, punch-your-friends-in-the-face anthems like "Scabs." Sorry State Records #23

Note: the price on this one is slightly higher than the typical Sorry State release, but the packaging warrants it. The goal here was to create something that you truly needed to hold in your hand to appreciate, and I think we accomplished that. The release is limited to 600 hand-numbered copies, and all of the sleeves are two-color pro-silk-screened with flourescent orange ink that you need to see in person to appreciate (since flourescent inks can't be scanned).
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