Woodboot: Krang Gang 12"

Neck Chop Records


WOODBOOT'S ON THE STREET AGAIN!!!! There is no better way to introduce the Neck Chop Records label than to do it with a limited vinyl pressing of the first WOODBOOT demo cassette from 2014. WOODBOOT have been compared to The Ramones and The Spits but they are much more than that. Each song is a one to two minute blast impregnating your ears with sing-along rage! This demo serves as the foundation to WOODBOOT's takeover of your turntable - then the world! This demo was followed up by the catchy "Crime Time" LP on Erste Theke Tontraeger and a brilliant 7" on Total Punk (both available in the shop as well). Get off my street motherfucker!

Our take: Vinyl release of the demo cassette by this Australian band. While it's not quite as good as their recent, blazing single on Total Punk, I'd say that I like this even more than their debut 12", Crime Time. Woodboot have gotten quite a bit faster since these initial recordings, but the slightly slower tempos here just make the songs seem that much catchier and more pop-oriented. As on their other material, they have this Spits-esque way of taking the basic template provided by the Ramones and adding a little bit of oomph and grit to meet modern standards of toughness and power (without, of course, sacrificing any of the catchiness). If you like their other material this is an essential piece of the puzzle and I'm quite happy to see it on vinyl.
Tags: 10s australia garage melodic recommended yoobl