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Whipping Post: Cheating The War Game 12"

Whipping Post: Cheating The War Game 12"

Tags: · 20s · hardcore · hcpmf · noise rock · punk · spo-default · spo-disabled
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Here's what I took from this fine record:

Named for the ALLMANS but barely men at all, “WHIPPING POST” invite you back to theirs, again. ECTOMORPHS worldwide are set to shake their tiny FLAGELLA all the way to “Add to Cart”, a first step on “CHEATING THE WAR GAME”’s inexorable march to the used bin. Once there, it’ll sit comfortably alongside all-era uncomfortables LAUGHING HYENAS, ROLLINS BAND, SWIZ and sell-nowts SNAKE APARTMENT.

These four TAXPAYERS give you rock in ingredient form. DRY-as-a-bone-bass-tone. COLD-bias guitars. Drums in LUMPS. Lyrics delivered in the GRISTLE. The absurd THEATRE of their former projects (THE FLEX, PERSPEX FLESH and MOB RULES) is still there, goosed up with an all-new IMPOTENT SWAGGER. A loser’s fugue on an UNCREDITED PIANO appears throughout; a thin veneer of ART over something altogether NOT ART.

“WHIPPING POST” promise they can be YOUR MIRROR. Friend, you best take a long HARD look.