Wetbrain: S/T 7"

Residue Records


Straight out of Cleveland, WETBRAIN new 5 song EP kills everything in its path! Pure degenerate punk hardcore with the hooks of ADOLESCENTS mixed with the insanity of the CRUCIFUCKS. Maniac music that will break your IPhone 88 and make your Grandma pee out of her depends… ah, yeah, that good. Members of all the great Clevo bands- DARVOCETS, GSMF, INMATES, 9 Shocks, ANNIHILATION TIME etc… Amazing original artwork by Shaun Filley.

Our take: I don't remember much about Wetbrain's debut LP from a while back, but this new EP is pure fire. This sounds like the kind of hardcore that you can only make after you have years of playing under your belt and you're musically "mature," but still very, very pissed off. The rhythms in particular are extremely complex, with lots of stop-start little changes that remind me of the Circle Jerks or the Bad Brains. Wetbrain also have a great vocals that doesn't really do your standard hardcore scream or shout, instead doing a sort of stylized thing that owes more of a debt to Jello Biafra or Doc Dart without, like most modern bands inspired by those singers, sounding like a caricature in the least. Even though the reference will mean absolutely nothing to 99% of people reading this, I also have to say that this EP reminds me quite a bit of Indigesti's great Osservati Dall'Inganno LP... like that record, this combined rhythms that are so complex as to be almost proggy with a noteworthy amount of catchiness. I'll admit that I don't really "get" a lot of Cleveland stuff the way that other people seem to, but this record has my enthusiastic stamp of approval. Highly recommended!
Tags: 10s bf16 cleveland hardcore midwest ushc