Warhead:  Cry of Truth 7"

Warhead: Cry of Truth 7"

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Officical re-release of the devastating debut EP from now-veteran Kyoto thrashers Warhead!


Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. An absolutely jaw-dropping slab of intense, ravening thrash, blasting through five songs in less than eight minutes with an absurd amount of energy and power.


I think this is one of the best Japanese hardcore EPs out there... a classic! Originally self-released by the band and then later reissued by Devour (Japan) and Amok Records (Germany). Highest recommendations!

Our take: Reissue of this all-time Japanese hardcore classic, originally released way back in 1991. Basically, if you like Japanese hardcore of any stripe you should own this record. Cry of Truth was one of the early records I discovered as I started digging deeper into the Japanese hardcore scene. I love how it combines the almost melodic riffing and gang vocals of early Death Side with a sound that’s faster, looser, rawer, and more straightforwardly punk. The main riff for “Fight with No Fear” is an all-time classic, and “You in Corruption” is another standout with its epic chorus (it’s just two voices yelling “ugh!” (or maybe “yeah!”?) at one another in the two stereo channels), ripping guitar lead, and dramatic ending. The visual aesthetic is also perfect, a look that everyone wants to achieve and so few do. While these tracks appeared on the Warhead collection LP on 540 a few years back, I’m happy to see this back on the shelves with its brilliant original presentation.