Warcry: Savage Machinery 12"

Feral Ward Records


Latest 12" from Portland's Warcry. I've always thought of this band as Tragedy's faster, louder, and angrier little brother (mostly since they have the same vocalist), but that's hardly fair at all, as even with the similar vocal style Warcry sound pretty much nothing like Tragedy. As with all of their other records, the inspiration here is classic d-beat of the type that we generally associate with mid-to-late-80s Scandinavia... if you dig records like Anti-Cimex's Criminal Trap 12", Totalití_r's Sin Egan Motstandare, or indeed Sorry State's very own Skemí_ta you'll definitely be able to rage out to this one. Great riffs, totally bruising recording, and all of the top-notch quality you would expect from this camp.

Tags: 10s d-beat hardcore portland