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Von Gam: 1GenPunk 12"

Von Gam: 1GenPunk 12"

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At last its here,,, the Von Gams LP… the first punkband from Vaxjö, did a fantastic 7” record back in 79, that they recorded in Klippan with Pål Spectrum, yes the two songs are on the LP.

And 9 more songs. They did also a gret EP on slyngel records some years ago these songs are not here,,, so all I can say this is a very nice record with lots of cool music and sounds from 1979-1981,,, and many hits,, I LOVE it,,, 

Our take: Don’t be fooled by the graffiti logo on the cover… this isn’t a Cold World side project, but rather some vintage 70s Swedish punk. Von Gam released a two-song single in 1980 (that’ll set you back $200-300 if you’re lucky enough to find one) and a (presumably) even rarer cassette in 1981, and from what I can tell from the not-very-Anglophone-friendly packaging this LP collects the single, a few of the songs from the cassette, and some other assorted tracks. It’s easy to see why the single goes for so much money, because Von Gam play great 70s European punk with a distinctly rock and roll flavor… fans of the Kids, Lost Kids, and Rude Kids (hell, maybe there are even some similar bands out there that don't have the word “kids” in their name!) will eat this up, as will fans of more modern bands in this vein like Finland’s Achtungs or Sweden’s Baddat for Trubbel. Von Gam dabble in some other sounds too… there’s some ska on this LP’s deeper tracks and more mid-paced, Clash-inspired songs, but the best songs here are absolute scorchers that will blow the wig off of anyone who has more than a few plays on their collection of Killed by Death compilations.