Voight-Kampf: Victim of Desire CS


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Promo tape for the upcoming LP entitled The Din of Dying Youth coming soon on Deranged Records.

Our take: On everything since their first LP (which was kind of Observers-esque dark, melodic punk), Voight-Kampff's m.o. has been something like "Merchandise if they only had good songs." Now, I'm sure there are those of you out there who think that all of Merchandise's songs are good, but it's hard to deny that once or twice per record they break out a huge-sounding, Smiths-meets-Chameleons-style pop banger. Like I said, rather than doling them out one per record, Voight-Kampff just fire off these tracks like it's the easiest thing in the world. The pattern continues on this self-released cassette, which features two songs set to appear on the band's forthcoming LP on Deranged. The a-side is an upbeat pop song that could fit quite nicely on a classic dark pop LP like Script of the Bridge. The second track, "I Believe in Love," is built around some industrial-sounding programmed drums and has more of a brooding, Bauhaus-esque quality. Two very strong tracks that you'll find no problem playing on repeat until the LP comes out.
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