Void: Sessions 81-83 12"

Dischord Records


This, without a doubt, gets my award for "most essential reissue of 2011." It isn't so much that the material is completely unheard; I remember being beyond stoked to get an nth-generation cassette dub of Void's Hit and Run Studios demos way back in 1998 or so. Rather, it's that this material has been re-presented so well that it's like hearing it for the first time. Those Hit and Run demos sound INCREDIBLE... apparently Ian managed to find the 4-track masters and the whole session was completely remixed and remastered from scratch, and it sounds f***ing GREAT. Also included are the band's second demo session (which yielded tracks for the Flex Your Head compilation), a couple of outtakes from the session that yielded the split LP with Void, and a few live tracks. Void are truly something special... one of those bands that is so amazing you need to hear every note they ever put to tape. This thing is a f***ing revelation. Essential for anyone who loves Void, and who doesn't? Includes mp3 download. Dischord Records

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