Violent Reaction: Marching On 12"

Revelation Records


Brand new LP from the kings of the New Wave of British Hardcore, and Tom and the boys have moved to the legendary Revelation Records for this latest release. For a band who's only been around a relatively short amount of time Violent Reaction have a bit of a back story, starting out as a one-man bedroom recording project, then evolving into a traditional band and putting out a slew of releases along the way. I wouldn't necessarily expect them to break the mold with this new LP, but as expected with a band with a discography that is almost reaching Ty Segall levels of productivity, there is some minor variation (or maybe even evolution?) with each release. This time around the oi! elements that have been cropping up on the last few releases aren't so much in the foreground (except on the title track, which almost sounds like it could have been written for Crown Court, a KILLER London oi! band featuring a few VR members), and it also doesn't sound as raw and SOA-inspired as the band's early records. It's still the same deal, i.e. fast, tight hardcore with lots of interesting changes and breaks, but Violent Reaction really seem to be finding their own voice, and with this release they might have made that transition from a band that people compare to other bands to a band that people compare other bands to. Basically, no one is going to be disappointed with this record... existing fans will be stoked and I'm sure they're going to gain a lot of new ones as well. Bravo, boys!

Tags: 10s hardcore sxe uk ushc