Violence Creeps: Soul Narc 12"

Digital Regress

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After circulating a slew of demo tapes, flexis, and a 7", Violence Creeps have put together their first proper full-length record set to hit the streets October 1st via Digital Regress. As one of the few remaining stalwart bands of Oakland dating back to the pre-brunch era, VC offer up an album set to make the skin crawl of anyone gearing to work at the future-monolith 19th street Uber Headquarters.

Our take: Brand new full-length form this Bay Area band, coming hot on the heels of their recent 12" EP on the Total Punk label. I've kind of fallen in love with this band over the course of their past few releases... I think that they're just about the closest thing that we have in America to the greatness of recent London punk groups like Good Throb and Frau, bands that are, on the hand, are willing to traipse across genre lines, but on the other hand are unmistakably PUNK. Soul Narc is a little bit different than The Gift of Music, though; while the band's mid-paced, kind of dirge-y yet catchy sound is still very much apparent, it feels like there are fewer of the more off-the-wall, Minutemen / Wire-type moves that I heard on the Total Punk 12", more big power chords and fewer jangly, noodly bits. It's probably a matter of preference which you prefer... I love both of these records, and I like that they're a little different from one another, The Gift of Music being super concise and confrontational and Soul Narc being a little bit of a wider-angle view and, despite being somewhat heavier, ultimately less tied to familiar punk templates. Basically, over the past few years or so Violence Creeps have taken their place as one of the most exciting, vital bands in punk, and you should probably be checking out everything they release, Soul Narc very much included.
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