Vile Gash: Nightmare in a Damaged Brain 12"

Vile Gash: Nightmare in a Damaged Brain 12"

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A masterpiece years in the making, this 12-track expurse of barbarity leaves the entire genre of hardcore in a smoldering crater. VILE GASH has achieved a fully-realized vision, delivering what can only be described as the end of music. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, the album explodes in a barrage of hatred and disgust, each song showcasing a bitter contempt for life. Their blunt execution has intensified, becoming harsher and uglier, ranging in tempos the band has never before achieved with a perfect, grinding production that showcases the hideous nature of their riffs. This is a feel-bad experience like no other, and to listen is to feel yourself compelled to sickening violence. "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain" is the final command for existence, from which nothing shall follow.


Recorded by Adam Smith and Benjamin Holesapple at Musicol. Vocals recorded by Matt Russell at Club Rectum. Mixed by Will Killingsworth and Benjamin Holesapple. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.


Our take: Long-awaited new record (seriously, I think they’ve been talking about / working on this thing for several years) by this flagship Youth Attack band. While it’s somewhat overshadowed by the Cadaver Dog LP released at the same time (which is just a hair meaner and more explosive than this), this is still a blistering slice of hardcore that’s well worth the wait. While Cadaver Dog is Negative FX filtered through the Youth Attack aesthetic, Vile Gash are pretty much the epitome of the Youth Attack aesthetic, perhaps even more than the bands that Mark McCoy is actually in. Like a lot of Youth Attack’s best bands, Vile Gash transcend their influences and sound like wholly their own thing. Even if you can make comparisons across elements of their sound (I’d put them at something like 50% furious Scandinavian d-beat, 30% USHC, 15% black metal and 5% sludge), it all adds up to something that doesn’t sound quite like anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s also—again, like a lot of Youth Attack bands—overwhelmingly negative and nihilistic. Whether you’re coming at this because you like to hear hardcore bands that are original, innovative, and exciting, or just because you want to find the grimiest, ugliest music possible Nightmare in a Damaged Brain will absolutely satisfy you.