Veuve SS: Oäó†.äó†Päó†.äó†Läó†.äó†T. & Oäó†.äó†Säó†.äó†C. 7"


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Brand new EP from this noisy and nasty hardcore band out of France. I remember their previous 12" having a bit of a Hoax vibe, and that continues on this new EP... they definitely have some mean and nasty mid-paced riffs, and the hoarse vocals and meaty guitar sound definitely remind me quite a bit of the Hoax LP. However, whereas their fast parts used to remind me of straightforward, Poison Idea-style USHC, this time around the fast parts have more of a black metal sound to them... it's sort of like a mashup of the two style that Youth Attack is known for putting out... so basically, this is gnarly, thickly-produced black metal with nasty, pit-clearing hardcore breakdowns. Obviously this is not going to be for everyone, but the people who love this will flip for it as I can't really think of anything that sounds similar.

Tags: 10s black metal europe france hardcore mosh punk yoobl