Vektor: Sainome Edition 7"

Freedom Fighters


New 2-song 7" from this Japanese punk band. As you can probably tell by their band logo's appropriation of the Raw Records front, this is a bit catchier and more '77-influenced than the hardcore that many of us are used to hearing out of Japan, but it's really rad. It doesn't really sound like '77 English punk at all except in that the vocals are really anthemic, and the music is really dense and weird... it reminds me a lot of the Japanese band OrDER that were popular a couple of years ago... this really doesn't sound like much of anything I can think of, so if you dig catchy, weird, and progressive punk I'd recommend checking this out. Features really cool packaging, too, including a super high-gloss sleeve and obi strip.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s japan melodic