Varukers: One Struggle One Fight 12"

Havoc Records


Beautifully-done reissue of this classic hardcore 12" on the mighty Havoc Records. While the Varukers' early singles were UK82-inspired, Riot City-style punk, this 12" found them changing up their sound and fully embracing the template set by Discharge: loud, noisy guitar, d-beating drums, and stark and confrontational lyrics about the horrors of war. By this time bands all over world were starting to follow Discharge like a religion, but being roughly contemporaries, the Varukers had an authenticity in their approach that can't be denied... a f***ing powerful as s***, monumental 12" and it's great to see it back in print on a standup DIY label like Havoc.

Tags: 80s bf16 D-beat reissues UK UK82