Various: No Sun Shines Here 7" (new)

Various: No Sun Shines Here 7" (new)

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The comp consists of tracks from what we feel are 5 of the best bands bands coming out of Philly right now, and the final recordings of Dopestroke!

Bands on it are:

The Brood

The cover also opens up to a 14"x21" fold out insert (lyrics & contacts included) & poster, all designed by Dronez drummer, Kate Collins.

Our take: Six-band, six-song compilation 7" with all of the bands hailing from Philadelphia's extremely active crust scene. "Six band crust compilation" aren't exactly words that make me reach for my wallet these days, but this EP is surprisingly and consistently awesome. In particular, I'm impressed with how each band is able to find their own voice within the crust milieu... just on the first side you have the Brood's more Wasted Time-type heavy hardcore sound, Dronez' noisier, Framtid-influenced d-beat, and Alement's thrash metal-infused metallic crust. I'm always impressed when I see a label put together a good vinyl compilation because I know how hard they are to do (R.I.P. catalog number SSR-11), but No Sun Shines Here would be strong coming out of any era.
Note: On all of Sorry State's copies the band Incisor's name is spelled incorrectly on the back cover; the label reprinted the (rather impressive, 6-panel fold out poster) sleeves for remaining copies, so it looks like we have a bit of an exclusive!