Various: Jade Tree: Twenty Five Years 12"

Jade Tree Records

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"25 years of Jade Tree. When Tim Owen asked me to become his partner in the label in 1990, neither he nor I thought that Jade Tree might last this long. As young adults we had dreams that Jade Tree would develop into a label that would not only mimic our mentors, but also eventually impart our own unique brand into the sphere of independent music. With the premise that Jade Tree do nothing more than represent the fickle tastes of Tim and I without focusing on any particular genre, geography or belief system, we forged ahead. Looking back, Tim and I believe Jade Tree has made the impact that we had hoped to make twenty-five years ago. This record is a small document of the label and the artists who have helped Jade Tree achieve that dream over the years. Enjoy." - Darren Walters
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