Various: Fried Egg Mixtape cassette

Feel It Records


FRIED EGG steps into the mixtape game with this 16 track volume of new/exclusive tuneage. You get two outtakes from the FRIED EGG "Incredible Flexible Egg" session plus one track each from a strong cast of North American rockers including DEFORMITY, H8, RUBBER MATE, RIK AND THE PIGS, and QUITTER plus Australian heavies (STRAIGHTJACKET NATION, TOMMY T AND THE CLASSICAL MISHAPS, and PRIORS), and a strong regional representation of vintage and contemporary Virginia punk (HAPPY FLOWERS, LACKEY DIE, CRETINS, RHDP, NOSEBLEED, and IRON HORSE). Over 30 minutes of music and other hilarity across this mix. Professionally mastered and duplicated with a four panel J-card featuring artwork from Shiva Addanki of DEFORMITY and accompanying liner notes. Fried Egg Ltd. EGG 03.

Our take: I don't know about you, but I love this phenomenon of punk bands doing mix tapes... in this age of content saturation it's a great way to find out about new stuff and to get some context for an artist's work. This mix tape from Fried Egg is certainly on point, and gives a good sense of where they're coming from as a band. In addition to two unreleased tracks from Fried Egg (both from the Incredible Flexible Egg session), you get a cross-section of related bands like Cretins (an outtake from their first 7" recording session), kindred spirit bands from across the globe, many of whom are affiliated, at least through a degree or two, to the Feel It Records label (Deformity, Tommy T & the Classical Mishaps, Rik & the Pigs, etc.), and a number of tracks from bands from their region both new and old (RHDP, Lackey Die). The tapes are pro-duplicated and sound great, and the artwork (courtesy of Shiva from Deformity / JJ Doll / Kaleidoscope) and liner notes are all spot-on... quite a nice little afternoon of listening here.
Tags: 00s 10s 80s compilations hardcore punk