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Uzi: Cadena de Odio 12"

Uzi: Cadena de Odio 12"

Tags: · 20s · colombia · hardcore · hcpmf · punk · recommended
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Blistering hardcore punk from Bogota, Colombia featuring members of MURO, FINAL and TUMBAS. 10 tracks total punk. Drawing from both the classics and modern hardcore, UZI rips right out of the gate. Seething vocals and straight forward yet inventive drumming do not let up making each track more brutal than the last. Songs of disgust and anti-anthems at 45 rpm.

Note: The jacket for this release is very fragile and all of our copies arrived with light corner dings.

Our take: Cadena de Odio is the debut vinyl from this Colombian punk band featuring members of Muro. As with Muro, Uzi’s gritty DIY aesthetic belies how rich and varied the music on this record is. I hear elements of UK82 punk, straightforward hardcore, and a little modern pogo-hardcore, but Uzi has digested these influences and incorporated them into their sound. The aesthetic and vibe is like Muro, but while Muro gravitates toward the epic feel of classic Japanese hardcore, Uzi’s street punk influences are their main calling card. A lot of Cadena de Odio doesn’t sound too different from the Casualties (particularly when they throw in a simple, melodic lead guitar line), but filtered through the prism of raw, modern DIY hardcore. If you’ve been feeling the recent spate of Muro records, this shares the same sense of excitement and urgency.