Unseen Force: In Search of the Truth 12"

No Way Records


Originally released in 1986 as one small pressing of 500 copies, we've unearthed one hell of a hardcore gem with this one. Finally available once again after 22 long years is the official reissue of UNSEEN FORCE'S devastating LP from 1986 "IN SEARCH OF THE TRUTH." Hailing from none other than Richmond, VA, comprised of members of WHITE CROSS, HONOR ROLE, and 2000 MANIACS (and eventually FOUR WALLS FALLING and GWAR) ... UNSEEN FORCE made a name for themselves in their brief two year existence, playing countless shows both locally and nationwide, and releasing their 11 song monster of an LP. This reissue was created directly from the original Masters, you know this one sounds nice! This is a must have for fans of early to mid 80's USHC like CIA, BATALLION OF SAINTS, WHITE CROSS and all the good stuff like that! Hardcore for the hardcore, get in or get out.
Tags: 80s hardcore reissues ushc