Units: High Pressure Days 7"

FDH Records


Vinyl reissue of the classic 7" that started it all. Along with a download of the EP and a 9 song live set from the deaf club recorded in 1979. This pressing is limited to 500 copies.

Our take: Reissue of the debut 4-song EP by this San Francisco synth-punk band, and while they later went in a more polished new wave direction, this earliest stuff is super raw and punk. Like the Screamers, the Units have a setup with live drums and two synths, but their songs are a lot more palatable... they don't tend to hang on parts as long and the overall vibe is more "pop" and less straight up menacing and apocalyptic, though the tracks collected here are very fast-paced and aggressive. The production is very homespun, but still sounds really good (as old analog recordings tend to do), and while there aren't any choruses as huge as, say, Tubeway Army's, this is still very strong and recommended listening if you like aggressive synth-punk.
Tags: 70s 77&KBD reissues synth-punk yoobl