Under Al Kritik: Insomnia 7"

Sorry State Records


Originally released in Denmark and impossible to find for a decent price in the US, Sorry State has decided that this record is just too good to be heard only by those willing to spend $10 on a single 7". If you like some of the catchy-as-the-plague Danish hardcore bands to come out in recent years (Hjerte Stop, No Hope for the Kids, Young Wasteners) this will fit right in that section of your collection, though Under Al Kritik are unique in that there's a slight crossover vibe to the riffs, making this resemble Christ on Parade or Attitude Adjustment just as much as the Circle Jerks. This pressing is limited to 500 copies, so don't sleep on this bad boy. Sorry State Records #15.5.

Tags: 10s denmark hardcore scandinavia ushc yoobl