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Una Bestia Incontrolable: 10-11-12 12"

Una Bestia Incontrolable: 10-11-12 12"

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UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE was born in 2012 as a side project with members of GLAM, DESTINO FINAL and CROSTA. They got wind of GLAM playing a show in London and decided to jump on the bill. They got a set together and recorded it in a rush to have some tapes to sell as said show. The tape recorded mere weeks after the band's inception remains an extremely powerful recording that only 100 lucky people managed to get on its original format. It shows the band as its rawest, pushing the limits of their previous bands as far as possible and setting the mood for what "Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix " LP would be. 

10-11-12 comes housed in a 12 panel poster similar to the ones CRASS records made popular in the 80s with artwork by Guillem El Muro and Oriol Roca.

Our take: I've been following Spain's Una Bestia Incontrolable since around the time they started, but I wasn't aware that this recording existed. It's a happy surprise, indeed, because it's really, really good! Apparently this is the band's first recording, and as you might expect it's a bit rawer and rougher around the edges than the stuff they would go on to release on LVEUM and Iron Lung, but despite the fact that the recording isn't quite as clear, I think that it's actually texturally and sonically the most interesting of their recordings, which is significant because Una Bestia seem to me like a band that is as much about sound as they are about riffs or structure. I particularly like the abstract, almost ambient introduction to this recording, which sets a very ominous mood and casts a different light on the songs that were familiar already from the recordings on their first LP. If you follow this band closely this is certainly an essential piece of the puzzle. Oh, and I have to note that gorgeous Crass Records-style fold-out poster sleeve as well!