TV Slime: S/T 7"



Debut 7" by this new punk band from Chicago.

Our take: Self-released debut 7" from this punk band out of Chicago. The three songs here are all fairly different from one another, but overall this manages to hit that sweet spot right between punk and hardcore where it's catchy enough for the punx but tough enough for the hardcores. The first track is a blistering, 1-2-1-2 hardcore song that kind of sounds like Culo meets Career Suicide, while the other two tracks barrel forward at more of a Dead Boys-esque tempo, with a little of that rock and roll swagger as well. If anyone makes a Killed by Death or Destroy All Art-style compilation for mid-oughts punk I could see any of these tracks getting picked... rad under the radar punk.
Tags: 10s midwest noisy punk yoobl