Tundra Hogs: Demo cassette

Layin' Waste


Three slammers of ice cold riffing hardcore. This project has been in the works for years not. We are very happy to bring you the first installment. Members of Scalped, Hunting Party and Ecoli.

Our take: Demo cassette from this new California band on the Layin Waste label. While Layin Waste, judging from their excellent first round of releases, focuses on the heavier end of hardcore that is the stock in trade of established labels like Beach Impediment and Warthog Speak, Tundra Hogs are even more metallic, moving in a very Cro-Mags-influenced, mosh-oriented direction that's just a guitar harmony and/or solo or two away from a full on Merauder / Integrity metallic hardcore style. It's not quite there yet, though, and I get the impression that this is being delivered with a bit of knowing nod. If you can hang with the latest Scalped EP, though, you can definitely get down with mosh this hard.
Tags: 10s hardcore reissues ushc yoobl