Trauma Harness: Tried My Hardest 12"

Lumpy Records

$6.50 $13.00

After a whole heap of cassette releases, Trauma Harness make the jump straight to big vinyl, considerably polishing up their sound and adding a great deal of density to their approach in the process. Really, this isn't like anything you've heard from the Lumpy Records camp before; sure, it's weird, but it's quite polished, and while most of the Lumpy-affiliated bands go for a striking immediacy this one is richly layered, revealing itself a little bit more with each listen. Collages by Amos from Tenement adorn the front and back cover, and it has a similar heavy pop sensibility to the early Tenement stuff, though augmented with the slightly off-kilter feel of their fellow Lumpy Records alumni. This is midwest through and through, recalling at various spots everything from Squirrel Bait to Naked Raygun to later Articles of Faith, but without sounding like a throwback at all... Trauma Harness just sound like a really good band that's so heavy and fast that you have to call them punk. If you've been into the recent Wymyns Prysyn LP (hint: you should be!), then this is one you'll want to check out as it's in a very similar vein and nearly as good.

Tags: 10s 65804 melodic midwest punk recommended yoobl